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A for Aeration

Why aeration is important 

  • Aeration  is  important cause  it  allows  air  and  water  to  circulate  through  roots  sward  and  encourages  the  grass  to  root  better.
  • It  also  relieves  compaction  of  the  soil  
  • Improves  drainage  

Methods  of  aeration  

How to Aerate, Spike & Hollow Tine a Lawn - YouTube - Some handy tips on aerating your lawn using a hollow tine fork, spiking aerator and aeration shoes or sandals

My  own  personal  view  these  spikers  just  do  what  they  say  they  spike &  do  nothing  more  than  that. And  from  what  i  can  see they  are  hard  work  especially  if  you  have  heavy  clay  or  stoney  soil.

For  better  pernertration  you  are  better  off  with  a  fork 

Lawn Care Advice for Gardeners, Home Owners, Novices and Experts

Aeration with solid spikes using equipment such as the garden fork, aerator sandals or shoes, rolling lawn aerators or powered machinery is generally done to a depth between 1 and 6 inches with the top two inches being the most important. There are also star like slitters that can be inserted as a cassette into turf machinery or towed behind ride-on mowers or lawn tractors. On sports turf, spiking is done as often as possible; every other week being quite normal. This is because the effect is q...

AGRI-FAB 45-0299, Lawn Aerator, 48 In. Path, 3 In. Depth

Lawn Aerator, Working Width 48 In, Spike Dia. 3/4 In, Aeration Depth 3 In, 140 lb. Weight Capacity, Overall Width 48 In, Overall Depth 35 In, Overall Height 36 In, Spike Wheel Type Straight Plug, Spike Wheel Material Galvanized Steel, Number of Spike Wheels 8, Total Number of Spikes 32, Semi-Pneumatic Wheels, Wheel Dia. 10 In, Wheel Width 4 In, Hitch Type Pull, Cantilever Transport Handle, Steel Frame Features Item: Lawn Aerator Overall Depth: 35" Handle: Cantilever Transport Hitch Type:...

Agri-Fab 45-0369 Spike Lawn Aerator

This spike lawn aerator is designed to put nutrients into lawn by using a series of rotating curved-shaped tines that slice into the soil to allow seed, fertilizer, water, air, light and nutrients to reach the grass rootsBest for blac

Craftsman Lawn Aerator - AGRI-FAB, INC.

Loosen Tough, Compacted Soil with the Craftsman Lawn AeratorRevitalize your lawn with the Craftsman core aerator. The universal aerator attaches to the back of any brand lawn, garden or yard tractor so you can aerate soil quickly with minimal effort. The core aerator pulls narrow plugs from the lawn up to 3 inches deep, loosens compact soil and prepares lawns for spring and fall planting. A properly aerated lawn helps water and nutrients reach deeper into the soil. Roots will grow deeper...

Apart from the annoying worm cast that block up your mower or make a mess on your lawn with heavy rainfall worms actually help your lawn by making holes in your lawn naturally as they tunnel down into the subsoil plus they are apart of the food chain

What to do about worm Cast in the lawn Great article about the be...

What to do about worm Cast in the lawn Great article about the benefits of worm cast - now you can optimize it by buying or making your own biochar I would buy it first and mix in with with the worm casting and leave for a day so it would absorb the nutriments first then apply it to the beds Never leave warm cast on the grass ~ wait till it hard then useing a swish broom brush them into the flowerbeds as worm cast contain bacteria that would determental to grass but beneficial to the flowers ~ after all why worry about them they help aerate our soil ~ break down organic matter and feed the birds by putting chemicals down will only alter the food chainThorny problems: what can I do about worm casts...www.scoop.itOur green-fingered guru solves your gardening problems. This week: a closer look at worms and the official start of spring

To  encourage  worms  there  is  one  simple  thing  to  and  that   finely  chop all  your  leaves  from  the  trees  in  Autumn   to  a  fine  manageable  pieces  with a  lawn  mower   with  no  bucket  attached   and  scatter  the  leaves  on  ground thinly  and  wait  till  the  worms  come  up  to  collect  it  and  bring  it  down  to  their  burrows.

Another way you can aerate the lawn is by a mechanical hollow tine aerator

A hollow tine aerator

A hollow tine aerator

As you can see they come in all shape and sizes depending on how large your garden is ~ The only set back is that you have to hire these out as no garden store sells these as they are either too expensive or not called for.
And with that the cost of hiring is pretty expensive so the best thing to with any expensive machinery is to have a joint share

Large hollow tine aerator

Picture of large hollow tine aerator

Hollow  tines


There  are  two  manual  tines   on  the  market  today  and  both  can  be  bought  from  any  good  garden  store.

The  only  thing  that  is  wrong  with  these  is  that  are  ideal  only  for  small  lawns  and  do  take  up  a  lot  time  &  energy   

Manual Lawn Spike Aerator M-7C Action

The Yard Butler Store provides the best in lawn and garden tools direct from the manufacturer, Lewis Tools

Autumn Lawn Care | RS Garden Care Services

Autumn Feeding.For Autumn the care regime is basically promoting healthy root growth. This achieved by firstly feeding the grass with a propriety lawn food and spreading the fertilizer by the use a hooper as in the Spring and Summer regime. But this time the fertilizer contains a high percentage of phosphate…

Here we have an example of forking the ground to aerate it this to me is rather hard work and time consuming. and like the solid tine roller above is fine wether you are relieving compaction on the grass

Gardening Calendar: The Top 3 Gardening Jobs for February

Here is an excellent guide to what to do in the garden this February. But things have changed whether it the fault of the climate or new ideas and advancements on technology One thing that has changed is Lawn care. The old school training that I had been taught has to be retaught. For example, when I was doing a day release course in groundsman ship for a local borough I was taught that spiking was the ideal way to aerate your lawn. Now it seems that hollow tining is the proper way to go now, Also another thing that has changed is the method. Instead of putting tons of lawn top dressing down its best to use a solid tine method as well. When applying fertilizer its best to get the Autumn weed and feed to strengthen the roots & Apply the moss killer as a separate application.But make sure to rake or scarify the lawn first to remove the bulk of the moss then apply the chemical afterwards - This ensures that chemical go down to the whole plant As for digging, I usually do that in the Autumn to allow the soil to be weathered down

Aeravator Attachment for Walker Mowers

Coreless aerating at its best. This aerator fractures the soil leaving an aerated turf that is free of annoying messy plugs. Perfect for hard ground and seed...

HSS Hire - Powered Lawn Aerator Hire and Rent

Connect to a branch: 08457 28 28 28 Online enquiries: 08456 02 19 61 Home  ›  Gardening  ›  Lawn care  ›  Powered Lawn Aerator Aeration is the key to achieving a fine turfed finish. This self-propelled aerator is available with solid tynes. It relieves compaction, improves drainage and reduces surface thatch by penetrating the soil. To view these files you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer Prices (E and OE) are exclusive of VAT and are in UK Sterling Go to HSS LiveHire (Account Customers only)

To top dress or not to top dress
Not long ago everyone in the industry was told to apply top dressing to the lawn .
But now there a second line of thought that you can either leave it open or solid tine it in the opposite direction.
This will :-
(a) close up the holes as it compresses ~ thus leaving a level finish .
As many greenkeepers will vouch that by hollow tining you are removing cores from the soil and then adding fresh material back
(b) You can either just leave it
(c) Go over with a scarifier and break up the pivots of soil and break them in
If you just got a normal lawn then top dressing with soil is not really needed only for cricket pitches and bowling greens who need a smooth a surface

However if you do find that you are left with bare patches you are left with two choices
(a) to reseed
(b) to turf
Depending on size of the lawn and what effect you want either then your best choices are to lay turf down ~ But it doesn't come cheap now days best of turf come in at £4 per metre thats roughly $8 in the USA currency
Your other option is to wait for the two to three weeks before the seeds start sprouting

Lawns: How to Sow a New Lawn | MyGardenSchool Blog

In the 21st century lawns may be going out of fashion. They are seen as high maintenance and environmentally unfriendly because of their need for preciouses irrigation water. However the advantage of making a new lawn from seed is, that you can choose any type of grass seed you want. Drought resistant, low maintenance slow growing, fine or course.


Lawn Care | RS Garden Care Services

Spring Lawn care. Feeding Now that the warm weather is here it time to look after your lawn and put back what this wet few months have taken away from it all. The signs to look out are as follows :- Is your grass getting a bit anaemic  …

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